Tea and Chocolate


Tea and Chocolate

Chocolate goes well with many things. It has the ability to Enhance, complement and , my favorite, Contrast different tastes of drinks. Alas, Tea is sometimes a forgotten complement when it comes to chocolate. Tea with chocolate is truly an exceptional combination and not often talked about. Taking a moment to sit down with a cup of wonderful tea only gets better with a small piece of good quality chocolate on the side. When it comes down to the simple things that we can do for ourselves everyday that are full of pleasure and delight – chocolate and tea is one of the greatest imaginable. A bite of chocolate and a sip of hot tea is all it takes to create a warm, rich and flavorful sensation in your mouth. It’s a flavor combination that cannot be matched by any other food pairing. Combining tea and something sweet is a fairly common thing to do. Cakes, cookies, or baked goods in general easily fit the bill. But chocolate is category by itself. Rich, creamy milk or dark chocolate fortifies that cup of tea into being more than it is alone.

Halitatea is all about making your tea experience better, one cup of tea at a time. That is why we took it upon ourselfs to taste and experiment with tens and hundreds of quality choclate types and pair it with the right type of tea from our tea variety. All to make a good cup of tea much, much better!

During our Tea and Chocolate week you will be able to enjoy your favorite Halitatea teas (plus some new ones) with a hearthy chocolate delight on the side all throughout the week. To stay up dated with all our special weeks & treats join our mailing list and “Like” us on our Facebook page (cause’ we now you do).

We used three approaches to decide upon our Tea and Chocolate pairing:

Tea and Chocolate that Complement each other:

Search for Tea and Chocolate flavors and characteristics that are different but complement each other.

For example, a hearty Tea that takes milk well, such as our Assam Estate Black tea or our English Breakfast Blend and pair it with a rich milk chocolate. From our experience, we already knew that the addition of Milk is welcome to these Black Teas so it will surly enjoy a Milk Chocolate partnering.

Our Gen Mai Cha Japanese blend is an extremely popular Green tea blended with husked rice so it is a natural pairing with a Milk Chocolate or even White Chocolate.  Just imagine a delicious Crunch Bar or even a morning bowl of Rice Crispies.

Our new Hojicha Japanese tea with warm toasty notes will work great with a “Fruity” Chocolate or even one which is “Fruit Filled”. A pairing reminiscent of Toast & Jam.

Or, thinking back again on our breakfast table memories, of Grapefruit & Honey this time, you might choose a Rooibos blend rich in Honey notes and pair with a Dark Chocolate with crisp Citrus notes.

Tea and Chocolate that Enhance each other’s flavour:

Search for similar characteristics and notes in both the tea and chocolate that when paired will enhance each others’ flavor.

For example, We selected a Jasmine-scented White Silver Needle tea or Green Dragon Pearls tea with floral notes and paired it with a Chocolate which reveals natural floral notes, such as Lavender & Violet dark chocolate.

Or, select our Pai Mu Tan White Peony Tea, which has subtle nutty notes and pair with a Pure Dark Chocolate Praline.

An Earl Grey  blend paired with a Dark Chocolate with Citrus notes or a Citrus-Filled Chocolate is another example of picking up on like flavor notes that will enhance each other. For the record, Earl Grey, which happily takes milk, will pair beautifully with Milk Chocolate as well.

Tea and Chocolate that Contrast each other’s flavour:

Select flavors and characteristics that “agitate” each other.  In this category, I like to make unlikely pairings which would initially seem unnatural, such as Bohea Lapsang Souchong tea with a Pineapple Filled Dark Chocolate. Lapsang Souchong is often described as having a “Meaty” and, obviously, “Smokey” taste. Often, a smoked dish is made with pineapple bits.  This pairing is a clear example of drawing from existing culinary practice.

Along the same lines, try Lapsang Souchong with a Spicy Chocolate, nutmeg or clove specifically made chocolate perline.

Fresh Cut Grass & Milk seems an unlikely combination. Yet, Matcha is often used in Milk Chocolate Truffles and other Milk-based Café beverages. A very successful tasty pairing. Try our Matcha, or Japanese green leaf teas Kagoshima kabusecha or Gyokuro paired with White Chocolate as well.

Spices & Milk might at first seem unlikely, but when we consider Masala Chai (strong Black Tea blended with Mixed Spices) is traditionally simmered directly in Milk then the pairing with Milk Chocolate is a natural.

Pu-erh, dark, smooth earthy Tea, pairs beautifully with a Light Chocolate with Floral Notes so try it with our King of pu erh tea that has smooth and savory chocolate notes by itself.  Seemingly unusual, but think of your garden.  What better association is there than the experience of pruning your flower beds with the smell of rich earth underfoot.

One important point to keep in mind is that Less is More. There is a wise saying that suggests one should whisper to get another’s attention, the same concept applies to tea and chocolate pairing.  If too much is going on in the mouth and the nose is being bombarded by intense aromas, processing is difficult.  Select a dominant flavor and make it your sole focus.  There will, of course, be many other experiential layers occurring involving taste, texture, and melting point, so keeping it simple on the outset and the result will be a most satisfying experience.  This is especially important when working with exceptional Teas and Filled Chocolates.

Since we are working with our high quality Loose Leaf Teas we selected the best, mostly vegan with out added sugers, good quality chocolate for the pairing so as to maintain a consistent quality experience.

We invite you to drop by Halitatea and try out your favorite Halitatea teas with the chocolate we selected on our Tea and Chocolate week and ,of course, take some home with you and share with your love ones (or indulge by yourself one more time).