Creamy, Silky & Natural Chai Masala recipe


Chai Latte is it?!

There are a lot of variations of “Chai latte” or “Chai masala” you can find in many restaurants and cafe houses but most, if not all, of them are made with instant powder with little to no tea or natural species in them and a lot of chemically engineered taste and scent additives . The reason for the industrial powder chai use is lower costs and easy making for restaurant and cafe’ owners. Here in Halitatea we pride ourselves on making the customer’s tea drinking and brewing experience unique and whole as possible. That is why we only use high quality ingredients and tea leaves in our teas and dishes.

The Chai we serve at Halitatea is cooked for three hours to achieve creamy perfection and natural taste using high quality black tea from India and a special spice mix found in our Chai masala mix.
We invite you to try our cooked chai at Halitatea or buy our  Chai masala mix and cook your own at home.

Natural, Creamy, Silky Chai Masala recipe

~By Mr.Tea

 1. Add a liter of clean, natural water to a big pot with 2 tablespoons of Halitatea Chai masala mix (strong black tea from india plus a mix of wonderful, natural spices and roots) and bring to a  strong boil.
2. Add your sweet stuff (It can be sugar, cane suger, plum suger or any sweetener you like)
3. Add half a liter of milksoy milkalmonds milk or any other milk you like.
4. Now add somethings for some extra kick (we like to add pepper, vanilla bean and a cinnamon stick)
5. Bring to a light simmer for 2-3 hours (you don’t have to wait 3 hours, it’s just a matter of taste…Good taste)
6. When the Chai is ready chill and put in the fridge.
7. If you want it hot we would recommend bringing it to a simmer using a steamer. If you want your it “Iced” you can put it in a high speed blender with some ice and let it ripe.

If you want to learn more about Chai masale click on the link and check out the full description in the Chai masala mix page.

You may also enjoy this “into the wild” Chai making video:

chai recipe

chai from Adi Lazar on Vimeo.

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