Jerusalem Tea House and Shop

After two years of serving and selling teas at our little tea house on Hillel St. at City Center Jerusalem we can honestly say that all we know about tea we learn through brewing and preparing tea for others and for ourselves.

In this quaint, magical little tea house you will be able to enjoy the full tea experience we have to offer, With tea dishes and sweets that we make on the spot, different teas and tea blends from around the world served in our beautiful tea ware and all of this is accompanied a full service and with an honest and sincere desire to teach and guide you through a great adventure

. Each tea that is offered for sit down or  sale at the tea room in Jerusalem or on the website was tested, browed and served hundreds of times so we know our teas from front to back as well as our teawere. Visit our tea house in Jerusalem and order our teas and taste from our diverse menu and desserts and get the whole Halitatea experience



“I thought I know Darjeeling but I never had Darjeeling like this. In fact I don’t think I ever had tea like this!”
~Rabbi Dr. Harvey Belovski on our “Namring Upper Darjeeling”

“Contemporary Tea Traders”
~Michael Zeff on TripAdvisor

“Did I hear Scones?!”
~Yardena from TasteIsrael

Great European style in the heart of Jerusalem – The best thing though is the vibe – small & intimate, great music and decor, everything seems to move in a different pace once you are inside”
Yaron Burgin, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at ILH – Israel Hostels & Co-Owner and General Manager at Abraham Hostel Jerusalem