Milk Oolong – The Tea that exceeds all expectations

Milk Oolong, where to begin?

milk-oolongDo I cheap nba jerseys tell you the legends of Milk Oolong  came into existence? Do I start by telling you how the tea is actually produced? Do I wax poetic about Milk Oolong’s luscious flavor? Well, maybe I should do all 3. Lets start with a legend:

The stories of Milk Oolong naturally center on its wonderful milky flavor, which interestingly, is the result of a sudden shift in temperature during harvest – a rare occurrence to n??c say the least. One of the many legends explains that the first time this shift occurred was centuries ago when the moon fell in love with a comet passing through the night sky. The comet, as all comets do, passed by, burned out and vanished. The moon, in her sorrow caused a great wind to blow through the hills and valleys bringing about wholesale mlb jerseys a quick drop in temperature.

The next morning, local tea pluckers went out to collect their fresh leaf. To their surprise, when the tea was processed it had developed an amazing milky character, which was attributed to the motherly character of the old moon. (Hey, it’s possible! and even if it’s not it’s a nice story to say the least)

Milk Oolong, like all Oolongs, is considered a semi-fermented tea meaning it is somewhere between a black SOUCHONG and green tea. Over the years, production methods have remained unchanged for the most part although some aspects like withering temperatures have been automated and regulated. First, the leaf is plucked from gardens situated between 500 – 1200 meters, and is produced between March and December. The Ali Shan Milk Oolong is native to Taiwan.  Taiwan, named by the Dutch traders as “Formosa”, meaning “beautiful island”, remains as the the only region in the world that produces the real Milk Oolong. The special “Jinxuan” Milk Oolong growing in Ali Shan (Ali Mountain) comes with a unique natural milk flavor, due to the wholesale nfl jerseys soil condition and production method.

Next, the plucked leaf is wholesale jerseys withered in air-conditioned rooms until it is has reached the desired level of fermentation. The tea is rocked, or sifted to sort the prime leaf required, and steamed over hot fire. Finally the tea is dried cheap jerseys from China then re-sorted to ensure leaf quality and packed. The tea is rije?iti produced in relatively small quantities from March to December; in fact, only 80,000 kg are produced with about 60,000 kg headed for the export market.

Finally, we come to the part where I wax poetic about its outstanding flavor. So Artisian how to describe a steaming cup of Milk Oolong. Ok, imagine if velvet somehow took liquid form and was blended with a sweet light cream. While drinking it, you find yourself u swimming to the bottom of a deep well of orchids. It sounds dream-like doesn’t it? Well brew a pot and experience its milky dreaminess for yourself – an amazingly profound tea.


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