Assam Tea from the Mokalbari Estate TGBOP


This second flush Black Assam tea contains wonderful broken leaves with many golden tips. It is affordable and great for any time of day. It is one of those teas you can drink all day long and never get tired of.



Black Assam Tea

assam_indiaThis second flush Black Assam tea reflects the nicer things in life as it contains wonderful broken leaves with many golden tips which impart a certain quality and smoothness to its brew. This Black tea is grown at a high altitude in the Dibrugarh district in Assam, Northern India, and produces a robust and malty flavor.

Mokalbari is one of Assam’s top gardens, producing teas with great body and aroma. This Assam tea is no exception, yielding a complex infusion supported by a malty, rich body. The garden is situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River in Upper Assam.
The land of the one horned Rhino, Assam ,is located in the North east of India. The name traces its origin to the words “Mokal” and “Bari”. The word Mokal stands for a special variety of tall bamboos having thick diameters of 12″ or more while the Bari signifies a specific location or garden. Thus, the composite word carries the meaning of a garden of a special variety of thick and tall bamboo trees. In the second half of the 19th Century a British Planter was curious to know as to what natural factor contributed to this abundant growth of this variety of bamboo trees in the area. He ultimately discovered that the Brahmaputra River originating from the lake Mansarovar in Himalayas would bring from the hills of Tibet profuse sandyloam soil along its down flow that washed regularly its Southern bank. As an experienced Planter, he understood that the continuous deposition of sandyloam in the area was the ideal topography for Assam tea plantation. In 1876 he uprooted the bamboo trees and started an Assam tea plantation and named the garden as Mokalbari Tea Estate. Thus they started manufacturing top quality Assam tea Orthodox and CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl) Teas as early as in 1876. The distinction of the garden lies in producing ‘Tippy Golden’ teas. This is because Mokalbari developed a particular species of Assam tea bushes, the green leaves of which, are essential for production. The secret of this development has attained refinement and improvement with the passage of time.
The teas manufactured in the estate have earned the distinction for their full-bodied strong liquor, aroma, smooth and malty flavor and rich taste. All these subscribe to the legendary reputation that Mokalbari enjoys today.
TGBOP leaf grade means Tippy, Golden, Broken, Orange Pekoe. It is a favorite grade of black Assam tea among tea blenders and those seeking a strong, characteristic orthodox Assam tea flavor.
The Broken leaves have more surface area thus producing a strong and distinctive profile Black Assam tea.

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115g Standerd bag – 70 Cups, 15g Sample bag – 10 Cups, 250g Big o'l bag – 150 Cups, 500g Lots of tea – 300 Cups, 50g Tea Caddy – 30 Cups

Origin Assam, India

Tea Type Black Tea

Tea Grade Begginer 

Caffeine Level Medium - high

Taste Malty and Strong

Time Of Day "Morning wake up tea", After a good meal

1. Put a flat tbsp of the tea into your teapot (or more for bigger teapots).

2. Add 90ºC ,240 ml water for every tbsp to your Teapot.

3. Wait for approximately 4-6 minute and pour the tea into the cups.

This tea is brewed once to make a strong profile tea so make it count!


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