Russian Caravan smoked tea


This Russian Caravan smoked tea is a classic. Its leaves are smoked  over cherry trees, which make them absorb special and unique flavors. After brewing the leaves, the liquer gets a beautiful bronza color, with a gentle and smoky aroma. We recommand drinking the Russian Caravan tea with no additions, specially in the morning.



Russian Caravan Smoked  Black Tea


After vodka, tea has been the most consumed beverage in Russia throughout history.  However, Russian Caravan smoked tea is not of Russian origin. The name ‘Russian Caravan Tea’ originated in the 18th century when new trade routes opened between China and Russia. The Russian Caravan smoked tea was generally transported by camel caravans, which is why many modern varieties of Russian Caravan feature them on the packaging. Each trip via this route took at least six months to complete, as the journey was almost ten thousand kilometres long.

There was an alternate route to the south that passed through Odessa in the Ukraine. The price of Russian Caravan Tea was cheaper due to the quicker and far easier journey. However, it  has also, supposedly, effected the flavour, due to  the exposure to the sea.

In comparison, the traditional route was harsh due to the cold and dry climate of Mongolia and Siberia, but this is said to have enhanced and improved the flavour of the smoked tea. Some believe that a peculiar delicacy of flavour of Russian Caravan smoked tea was imparted to the leaves by the slight moisture it absorbed when it was unloaded onto the snow at night. As such, this Russian Caravan Tea was sold for a higher price.

Today Russian Caravan smoked tea is enjoyed for its nostalgically sweet smokiness. Sweeter and slightly less smoky then Lapang shouchong, this tea is more “user friendly” for the tea drinkers who want to experiance smoked tea flavour for the first time. Nowadays It is smoked over cherry trees which give the tea its unique flavors. We recommand  this tea to all black tea fans, and we prefer drinking it as it is, with no additions inside, but with a sweet pastry on the side. 

Additional information


115g Standerd bag – 70 Cups, 15g Sample bag – 10 Cups, 250g Big o'l bag – 150 Cups, 500g Lots of tea – 300 Cups, 50g Tea Caddy – 30 Cups

Origin China Tea type Black Scented blend Level  Explorer Caffeine level Medium - high Taste Malty, Smokyy and Sweet Time of day Any time of day, specially in the morning

1. Put a flat tbsp of the tea into your teapot (or more for bigger teapots).

2. Add 90ºC ,240 ml water for every tbsp to your Teapot.

3. Wait for approximately 4-6 minute and pour the tea into the cups.

This tea is browed once to make a strong profile tea, so make it count.


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